About Billi-Jo

Born and raised in British Columbia and mom of 2, Billi-Jo was an early child-hood educator for 16 years, and was making hot sauce on the side for personal use. She had always been searching for a hot sauce that had quality ingredients and health benefits, and couldn't find anything on the market, so she decided to try making it herself! After sharing her creation with family and friends it became apparent that she had a hidden talent for making amazing hot sauces.

Fast forward to today (just over one year later) and she is now making and selling hot sauce full-time! She has an amazing commercial-based kitchen on her property and has developed several flavours of hot sauce! She is very involved in the community, loves to give back, support and encourage people to support small businesses. You will see her at most local farmers markets in Cranbrook and surrounding areas on the weekends!

She is now living her dream which is being home with her kids and spending time with family and her hot sauce is being sold in 17 local locations! (people LOVE her sauce!)



Disruptors Magazine:

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Heating Up The Prairies Event:

2nd Place Overall (Louisiana Style flavour)